The Saving Menu BETA

Financial tool to help you compare ways to save your money – from employer retirement plans, college savings accounts, to debt paydown and more!

Optimize your investment plan

It’s never too early to start planning for the future – and The Saving Menu is here to help.

What is The Saving Menu? It is a simple online calculator that will help you compare the various financial savings accounts and options available to you! Whether it’s an employer retirement plan, debt paydown, or a college savings plan, it will inform your financial planning decisions.

How does it work? Once you fill out The Calculator below, the Saving Menu will use your age, tax jurisdiction (i.e. where you live), and assumptions on spending and income to analyze various investment vehicles and provide a personalized report of suggested accounts suited for you. We do not collect or store your information.

The Calculator

Enter details about yourself below to help us analyze the investment vehicles available for you and your money.

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